DECEMBER 13, 2014
Maclellan Gym, UTC Campus
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Tournament team consist of up to ten (10) players. Six (6) players play at a time. Team T-shirts or Uniforms are encouraged.
The winning team will receive a $1,000 cash prize
and the coveted “Wrench”. Come have fun with friends, colleagues and fans at Chattanooga's Corporate Dodgeball Tournament!
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Court Sponsor ($2,500)

Up to three (3) teams, logo on website, printed program, event banner, and have a court desginated by your logo

Gold Ball Sponsor ($1,000)

Up to Two (2) teams, logo on website, printed program and event banner.

Red Ball Sponsor ($500)

One (1) team, logo in printed program and event banner.

Single Team Entry ($300)

Feeling frustrated? Need to blow off some steam? Want to destroy your local competition?

Challenge your friends to play here by submitting the form.

Download a PDF
of the Rules HERE

Basic Rules

  • There are 6--‐10 members to each team. Substitutes are allowed to be a part of a team and are allowed to be in the rotation to come back in the game, however only 6 members of a team are allowed in the field of play at any time.
  • The objective of the game is to eliminate every member of the opposing team. Elimination occurs when a player is struck with the ball by the opposing team or if a ball is thrown and the opposing team catches it, the player who threw the ball is eliminated.
  • The game begins with 6 balls lined up in the center. Players must be touching the wall furthest from the center line on their side of the court at the start of the game.
  • Once the referee starts the game the players may try to retrieve the balls from the center of the court. All balls are available for either team. Once a player retrieves the ball from the center court they must go back and touch the wall before that ball becomes available to throw. Players may inadvertently cross the line on the opening rush. A player may not leave his feet and dive head first to obtain a ball on the opening rush. Players must remain on their feet throughout the game. No sliding is allowed.
  • If a player catches a ball thrown by the opposing team the player who threw the ball is out and in addition the team who caught the ball gets to bring an eliminated player back into the game.
  • Once the referee determines that a player is out that player must line up in the indicated area in line to wait for the chance to return to the game. The order of reentry is determined by the order the players were eliminated, should a ball be caught. The first player out will be the first player to re-enter. If a ball has been caught and a player re-enters the game out of order he/she will be immediately eliminated.
  • The line in the center of the court may not be crossed by either team. If any part of a player’s body touches the ground past the centerline the player will be eliminated. The only exception is on the opening rush.
  • Anything being worn by a player counts as part of their body. If the ball strikes clothing it will be treated as if it hit the player directly.

Specific Rules

  • A player may use a ball to block the throw of a player on the opposing team. If the referee determines that the ball struck the hand of the player attempting to block the ball then that player will be eliminated. Also, if the ball that is being used to block an opponent's throw is dropped in the colliding of two balls, the player who dropped the ball is eliminated.
  • If a player chooses to use a ball to block a throw then the instant the two balls collide the ball that was thrown is DEAD.
  • Which means if the ball is blocked then continues on to hit the player then he is NOT eliminated. If the ball strikes the ball and then goes in the air and the player who blocked the ball catches it the player who threw the ball is not out either.
  • If a ball hits the wall at any time its will count as though it hit the ground. If someone is hit with the ball and the ball goes up in the air and hits the side of the court than the player is out.
  • A player may not alter the natural shape of a dodgeball (example: squishing or flattening) and then throw that dodgeball at an opposing player. If a referee determines that a ball is being flattened prior to being thrown, the ball will be declared DEAD and will not have the opportunity to get an opposing player out.
  • A ball may not be on one team’s side of the court for more than 45 seconds. A ball may not be held for more than 15 seconds. A hold is defined as having contact with the ball for two consecutive seconds. Once a ball has been held the 15 second time limit will not be reset by dropping the ball or any other reason. The only exception to the 45 second rule is if a player is eliminated during the 45 second countdown then the time limit resets.
  • If the ball hits a player he is officially still in the game until the ball that hit him/her is dead. A ball is only dead once it makes contact with anything other than players (the wall, the ground, the ceiling, another ball, etc…). If the ball bounces off a player and one of his/her teammates catch it while it is still live then it will count as a catch.
  • Only one player may be eliminated per throw. If a player attempts to catch a ball that has bounced off another player on his team in attempt to save him/her, then even if he/she touches it and drops it the player that was hit first is out and the player who tried to save his team member is still in the game.
  • The only reason that the game would be stopped is if the referee calls timeout to enforce a rule that has been overlooked. There are no timeouts allowed to be called by either team.

Sudden Death

  • This rule shall ONLY be enforced if each team is down to its final member. The game will continue as normal for 20 seconds, after which if there is no winner then sudden death will be enforced.
  • Once sudden death goes into effect the center line is eliminated. Each player will receive two balls and positioned on opposite ends of the court. Once the referee starts the game the players may go anywhere on the court. The only way to win a sudden death is to strike the opponent with a ball. Catches will not be cause for elimination, however, if you make a catch you also are not eliminated, and the game continues.